Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Lenovo + MultiFace

Well, the focusrite didn't stay. Too much unreliability. I don't know if this is FFADO, LibFW or JACK. I've never had a super-reliable firewire based device under any OS. Nothing like a PCI Delta 1010 under Linux...

...Until now, I shelled out for the ExpressCard version of the RME Multiface. Runs 10 channels (S/PDIF, and ADAT) into the RMEs in the dome, no problem. CLAM and JACK love it. The Realtime kernels from Ubuntustudio suddenly became stable too - even with evil 3D going on.

One side effect is the insanely low latencies you can get with RME - I started playing Guitar more. Through and new discovery - Rackarack, like GuitarRigg for nerds, but cool.

I also just invested in a Netbook. A Lenovo S10. Bought to keep all my email and PhD etc separate from my worstations...it's working quite well so far. I'm trying to get it going with the Multiface (The Lenovo has an ExpressCard slot)

We even used it for a bit of SatNav on a recent trip to france, that would have been more succesful if we'd found some decent WiFi to download the maps.