Thursday, 15 October 2009

...D90 + Coastal Optics

Nikon D90 + Coastal Optics 4.88mm from domejunky on Vimeo.

Our D90 arrived to today

- I've modied the t-mount to raise the lens slightly as in movie mode the fisheye is truncated top and bottom. This way we nearly get our 4:3 truncated fisheye. I'm a bit disappointed really - I thought the exposure would be truly fixed in manual mode when recording video. It isn't, you can fix it by holding the 'AE-L' button, but without you see it stepping between ISO or shutter speed settings - maybe both. Not like the little Sanyo, if you want to record black video it'll let you.

But it seems OK if you chuck loads of light at it. It doesn't talk to Nikon Capture Pro - so dialing in the focus on the fisheye is a bit more laborious. They are solid little cameras though, not as cheap feeling as I remember. I think it's a good time to let the waters settle in terms of SLRs with video - The Panasonic GH1 is getting a bit of a following: is the Olympus E-P1:

...I think the four thirds standard might stick. It's interesting to compare sensor sizes to film: