Monday, 11 May 2009


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I've been playing with CLAM - thanks to some help from their Dev team, I got Blender talking to CLAM on a different machine using the SpatDIF protocol. To test the technology I decided to create a rotator for equirectangular images that would trigger a CLAM network to rotate a matching Ambisonic recording. After a bit of head scratching over the difference in scripting between Blender and BlenderGameEngine - I got some signalling between the two.
In A flash of inspiration I decided to try and get Panda3D talking to CLAM - since the equirectangular code already exists. I moved to the working directory, pinched a function from CLAM's test python, and off I went - amazingly easy.

This is the result:
Machine A: Running Panda3D

Machine B: Running the CLAM network