Sunday, 22 February 2009

I did it! The bottom bracket tool arrived saturday, and I completed the building of the bike. I had a kind of dry run first - I was worried about the threads in the BB - I just needed to know I wasn't going to be thwarted at the last minute. I went out and bought some threadlock, grease and silicon gloves, and took it al apart and did it properly. Nothing about the assembly was particularly difficult - I think the tolerences tell in the longevity - I hope I fair better than the average on the internet, roughly 300 miles.
Just for posterity: The crank was an FSA Gossamer. BB Cups were torqued to 30 ft-lbs. Axle-cap was torqued to 6 in-lbs - with bearing lock applied. Pinch pins also had bearing lock applied and were torqued up to 10 ft-lbs. Campagnolo next time!

I went out on it today - an amazing feeling to be riding around on something you made - properly. My recumbants were always prototypes - hacked together. I gave it a thorough testing, over some evil jagged shale, at speed - nothing rattled. The whole bike feels and operates a lot more smoothly than when I got it from the bike shop - the cable routing has been rationalised, no weird corners now. I can tell the bike fits properly now - I can do wheelies!

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