Monday, 14 May 2007

Really Slick Dome

...Omnimap BETA...

The guys at Elumenati have released a beta of their Omnimap dome-correction library. This is quite novel as its the first post-shader dome-correction libraries - you can see my failed attempts at writing a vertex shader for dome on this blog. Omnimap is Windows only at the moment, so I used it as an opportunity to better acquaint myself with Visual Studio. This is a library designed to be inserted a the OpenGL level - so I decided to see if I could dome-correct one of the Really Slick screensavers.

The process was remarkably easy. I don't know C++ or Visual Studio or OpenGL that well - but I managed to find the 'draw' function, and add the relevant calls to Omnimap.

There are issues with licensing, I'm not sure of the license of the RSS savers - I'm informed that I need the original software to be LGPL or closed source for me to proceed legally...otherwise I'd have a copy of the screensaver here.

This is particularly gratifying for me. I have a passion for non-photoreal minimalist 3D. This seems like a natural extension of the minimalist movement - in that movement can be used instead of connotation. Dome-correcting 'Solar Winds' was one of the first bits of code I tried to dome-correct - I Intended to use this style of 3D as a basis for my 'Visceral Soup' for the dome.

Can't wait to see it on a dome - all that movement should be translated into movement of the viewer, definitely one to try on an empty stomach...