Friday, 16 February 2007

USB Pre-cognition

I'm in the process of researching the kit for Mike Punt's 'Life Shirt' project. This is loosely connected to Dick Bierman's Pre-cognition experiments. We've had the Dome's seats fitted with USB sockets - but it was looking like there weren't many USB based bio-measurement products on the market. Then I came across USB-DUX

I spoke to two really nice guys, the company is basically a spin-off from Sterling Uni - Bernd Porr (fantastic name, makes me think of Steele Pulse for some reason) - seems like a fantastic guy! He wrote the driver and designed the circuit board. The horses mouth incarnate.

Bernd said he was unaware of any research where people had monitored more than 10 people - he thought the figure might even be 6. At present he thinks the COMEDI driver will only allow 32 devices, so he's up for the challenge of modifying his driver, and being able to say that his kit supports 40 punters. He said that he's be prepared to build up some of the pre-amplifiers for us, so that we could measure EEG. He was also happy to get one of his postgrads to solder up some sensors for us - not all that we'd need, but enough of each type to get us going.

All in all I think they might be the ones for us. Its cheap, and it makes us learn the bits of the process we want to become expert in, and outsources the bits that would be too much ball ache....