Friday, 17 November 2006


...getting fisheyes out of Ladybug2 footage

I just phoned up Point Grey to get their prices, spoke to a nice women in Hamburg, unfortunately Point Grey are in Munich, so I redialed, they are nice people too.

I think we might have to discount the point grey as an option. I've been playing with their software. It would be easy to create a Quartz Composer application to playback the footage as it comes from the camera. If we want to get it into a fisheye form for editing as video things get a lot more complicated:

First you have to use their software to re-orientate the cameras to get an equirectangular like this: Otherwise we can't extract our 25º fisheye...

Then you move the image to a Linux box and use Gimp + the verison of Pantools that I hacked to do > 180º re-mapping on a 1:1 square that you select from the image.

Then rotate, it a few degrees

then crop it for 135º truncation

And that's just for one frame, this has to be done for every frame of the video! Certain parts of this process can be batched, but there has to be an easier way. That's a lot of processing, and a lot of errors to be added, the images aren't that good, or high rez to start with.