Thursday, 9 March 2006

A Tri-Cornered Hat...

Exploring the tetrahedral method of stitching dome masters

I've been playing with the Tristitch or tetrahedral method of creating dome masters

I set this scene up in Blender (3D package) - that mess in the middle, is 3 cameras setup like the pineapple site...


Tri Layout Blender Screen

I rendered the view from each camera




This is the output from Tristitcher

This is what it looks like if you leave the two rear images off

This was done to test the quality of the stitching, I figured aligning text was about as hard as it I'll render a few 'scenes' to see the effect of leaving the rear cameras out. I haven't used real cameras yet, as I don't have a method of working out FOV for any given lens particularly mid-zoom. And it turns out this is critical. I think the above is promising - its far quicker and less ungainly than the cubic method - if only I could find the maths for it, it would transform realtime rendering dramatically...

I made an animation...all low resolution. One thing I went and checked on, that pineapple site has loads of software for sale, tristitcher seems to be the only product which is on!

We can now reliably create pre-rendered 3D using free tools. In a form that can be queued up for rendering on a render farm